Vivel: Say bye-bye to soap

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I am very much concerned about hygiene and don't like everyone sharing the same body soap and especially when we can get body wash for just 40 RS. Try the new age bathing experience with this body wash make your skin looks gorgeous and nourished with #itcvivelbodywash.

I recently upgraded my bathing experience with the super Amazing Vivel body wash which is better than my soap. Trust me guys after using this you feel really super happy and fresh. It helps to clean all the dirt and impurities from the skin and it makes me feel super fresh. Also, it never causes dryness. There is no wastage of time and water. It provides an absolutely squeaky clean effect on my body.

vivel body wash Tasmiya shaikh D midastouch

Why soap when you can body wash?

  1. The longer-lasting aroma and more freshness*

  2. Moisturizes skin better*

  3. Cleans better*

  4. Keeps skin softer and smoother*

Please go and buy this super cool product from Amazon.

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Say bye-bye to soap!