Top 10 Fashion Shows Events In The World

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway!

The fashion industry in the world has bloomed like never before. In comparison to the older years, the fashion industry has reached over the roof and established its significant presence in the world. The fashion industry provides the world with a full calendar of Fashion shows! The most famous fashion shows in the world feature the latest fashion trends and creations by great designers.

Top 10 Fashion Shows events in the world - D Midas Touch - 2020

So, here are some of the most famous fashion events around the globe.

1. Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most famous fashion shows in the world. A series of designer presentations held biannually in Paris, France with spring/summer and autumn/winter events held each year. Many of the celebrities in the fashion industry, as well as the well-known experts of fashion, attend the event to view the designs.

2. Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week is a fashion week held twice annually in Berlin, Germany. Since it was initiated in July 2007 it has gained great international attention for its many creative young designers who are flourishing in the fashion capital of Berlin. Berlin Fashion Week is a collective effort of the Berlin Senate and the Berlin Partner GmbH, the central contact agency for overseeing new operations and foreign trade to promote Berlin as a business hub. The event is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz which also sponsors a series of other fashion industry events.

3. New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is a biannual event which occurs in February and September of each year in New York, one of the primary fashion capitals around the globe. It is one of four notable fashion weeks in the world, collectively known as the“ Big 4", along with those in Paris, London, and Milan. The event is attended by some of the biggest fashion names in the industry including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Dianne von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Herve Leger, Brooks Brothers, Alexander Wang, and many more. NYFW is based on a much older series of events called "Press Week", founded in 1943. The purpose of the event is to showcase American fashions which ordinarily play a secondary role in French designs.

4. Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week is a clothing trade show held semi-annually in Milan, Italy. The autumn/winter event is held in February/March of each year, and the spring/summer event is held in September/October of each year. Milan Fashion Week, established in 1958, is part of the global "Big Four fashion weeks", the others being Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. The schedule begins with New York, followed by London, and then Milan, and ending with Paris. Partially organized by non-profit organization Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana, Milan Fashion Week presents around 70 fashion shows and 90 presentations of designers to an international audience, through hosting catwalk shows, designer showrooms, and static presentations. It began in the year 1958 and since has been counted as one of the most illustrious shows the world over.

5. London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is one of the primary four fashion clothing trade week events around the globe. It takes place in London twice a year, in February and September. The Event Showcases over 250 designers to a global audience of influential media and retailers.

The event Organised by the British Fashion Council (BFC) for the London Development Agency with help from the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills, and first took place in October 1983.

6. Australian Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is an annual fashion industry event, currently sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. The event showcases the latest seasonal collections from Australian and Asia Pacific Designers. It was first held in the year 1995. This event brings the designers and the retail buyers under one roof the helps the latter to purchase the latest in fashion from them. In 2005, event founder Simon Lock sold the event and its parent company Australian Fashion Innovators to the New York-based International Management Group. Some of the noted Fashion names associated with this event include Lisa Ho, Alex Perry, Zimmermann, Toni Maticevski, Leona Edmiston, J’Aton Couture, Ericaamerica, and more.

7. Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual fashion event held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates from January to February each year. The event was established on 16 February 1996. It is an annual month-long event, usually scheduled during the first quarter of the year, and attracts about 3 million people to Dubai. Over the 30 day period, visitors have access to the best fashion brands from around the world with special deals and promotions, in addition to attending a variety of arts and cultural events. The events take place in the Mall of the Emirates. It includes The International Festival of Fashion Photography from Cannes which is an extraordinary showcase of the latest beauty and fashion photography in large format by notable fashion photographers. You can also experience events such as The Diamond Fashion Show by Dhamani which features notable jewelry designers who showcase their exquisite designs. The festival took over the city, transforming it into a must-visit destination with more than 3,847 events, over 4,000 participating outlets offering deals and discounts.

8. Tokyo Fashion Week

Of all the fashion weeks we cover around the world, it’s Tokyo’s street style that never disappoints. If you liked the minimalism of New York, London, Milan, and Paris, Tokyo will change your mind. These five fashion weeks are the most known fashion weeks in the world and have much influence on the fashion world. Tokyo Fashion Week is an event that has regularly climbed up the charts of popularity over the years. Tokyo will Completely change your mind; here it’s all about wild prints, statement-making accessories, and multicolored hair. The styles and trends showcased are bold and often very experimental. It is a fashion festival held twice a year.

9. Africa Fashion Week (London)

Africa Fashion Week is an annual fashion week held in London, England. It is Europe’s largest fashion event promoting and nurturing African and African-inspired design talent, with a collaborative catwalk, exhibition, and business development program. Since 2011, AFWL has presented 8 catwalk events and contributed expertise to at least 10 more events produced by 3rd parties such as The Mayor of London’s Black History Month celebrations. We have also showcased over 800 emerging designers & exhibitors, from Africa, Europe, and America, to almost 70,000 visitors including buyers, retailers, influential industry professionals, and the media, and is now a highlight on the annual fashion calendar. The event showcased over 800 emerging designers & exhibitors, from Africa, Europe, and America, to almost 70,000 visitors including buyers, retailers, influential industry professionals, and the media, and is now a highlight on the annual fashion calendar. AFWL brings value to designers through, contacts, experience, and knowledge within the fashion community.

10. Los Angeles Fashion week

LOS ANGELES Fashion Week occurs twice, annually in numerous locations throughout the Los Angeles area. Los Angeles Fashion Week was created as a West Coast alternative to New York Fashion Week, originally Press Week, which was created by Eleanor Lambert in 1953. Independently produced events, working alongside designers began inviting fashion journalists to see collections from Southern California. Since the late 1990s, Fashion Week has been represented by a community of L.A. fashion producers, designers, journalists, and marketers interested in its success.