Mama Earth for your glowing skin

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

In this lockdown period, I was using this mama earth ubtan face wash. I found mama earth really affective like my skin is glowing and I guess it is useful. Mama earth suits all types of skin and one more additional thing which I liked about it is there are no added colours in it that harm your skin.

Mama Earth ubtan face wash is made with natural ingredients so it is rich in Bioactives and does not contain harmful chemicals.

Mama earth has Saffron extract, coconut oil, walnut beads which really makes my skin nourished and I feel much more confident about using this product. so I would suggest everybody out there to just use mama earth face wash once. I used the one with turmeric and Saffron which was really effective for my skin.

It exfoliates dead skin, walnut beads gently exfoliate dead cells to reveal a natural glow on the face. It is really good for tan removal, repairing the sun damage, lightening the skin and it also balances pH of your skin, and yeah it is Silicone & Paraben Free so I trust “mama earth”!

Give it a try I’m sure they won’t fail meeting Your expectations.