How to choose Best Hand Sanitizers in India

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We all Know, the coronavirus outbreak has led to people prioritizing hygiene. Personal hygiene and cleanliness have become the most discussed topics off late, and demand for best hand sanitizers in India. In such situations what acts as your safeguard is a good hand sanitizer.

When it comes to basic cleanliness and personal hygiene, we all know the importance of washing our hands often. Hand sanitizers are produced according to the guidelines of the WHO. In order to disinfect your hand, it is important that all germs are effectively killed. The world considers using hand sanitizers more than their phones.

So we are here to make you know what kind of hand sanitizer to use in these situations.

How to Choose Best Hand Sanitizers in India - D Midas Touch - 2020

Key Factors In Choosing The Best Hand Sanitizer

To make your task easier, I’ve listed down the key factors that must be kept in mind while choosing the best hand sanitizer in India.

1. Type Of Sanitizers

There are two types of hand sanitizers that can protect you from the deadly coronavirus.

- Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

Considering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) research, alcohol-based sanitizers have higher chances of antibiotic-resistant viruses. Moreover, if you’re looking for the best hand sanitizer to guard you against the widespread Coronavirus, then check it again that your hand sanitizer has at least 60% - to 90% alcohol content, which helps to kills germs on your hands more effectively.

- Non-Alcohol Sanitizer

This is a gel that has fewer amounts of alcohol content. Similar to an alcohol-based sanitizer, this also reduces infections and germs on your hands. It can be carried in your pocket and can be used anytime. Generally, people suffering from skin sensitivity may want to go for alcohol-free options, acquire them. The ultimate goal should be to keep yourself safe and clean.

2. Skin Type

We're all different with different skin types and so are our needs. Thus, hand sanitizers come in different formula compositions to suit these varied needs. They offer effective results depending upon your skin type and requirements. Sanitizers must soothe your skin. It should not cause any kind of irritation or side-effects. As such, choosing a skin product must be done with the utmost attention. Keep even the slightest of detail in mind before selecting the best hand sanitizer.

3. Ingredients

Whenever you’re eating, buying, or using it on your skin, you must have a habit to read the label because some may suit you, others may just not. Knowing the materials or ingredients used will only keep you away from some unforeseen risks.

So, for this, you also have to know your skin type and choose one that’s good for accordingly. It will not only keep you away from germs causing diseases but will also restrict harmful chemicals that harm your skin!

4. Safety And Good Quality

Hygiene is the first step to good health!

It always starts with your hands being clean and tidy. While a soap helps at home, the best hand sanitizer comes to your rescue when you’re roaming out and about in the city. Some contain harmful chemicals, which may expose you to an unwarranted disease. Most of the time, these chemicals are hidden under the ‘fragrance’ labels, in an offer to fool the customer. Phthalates and Triclosan have been recognized as harmful ingredients that are present in most hand sanitizers today. So before you pick your next bottle of hand sanitizer, keep your eyes wide open!

5. Money Matters

Awkwardly, money matters! But it sure isn’t more important than your health and well-being. so money shouldn’t be a matter of question when shopping for the best hand sanitizer. Some may burn a hole in your pockets, others will just be too easy to afford. But, the key here is to create a balance between good quality hand sanitizer and the best price. If you’re perfect in doing this, then nothing can take away the beauty from you!

So guys, these are all points you should keep in your mind while choosing the best hand sanitizer for you!

Let us know which sanitizer you are going to buy ???

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