Great Food Combos for Losing Weight!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

You should diet smart, not hard!!

Much of winning the battle is in knowing what to eat to optimize your weight loss regime. Regular exercise, healthy eating, following the correct type of diet, will show good results. However, there are also certain food combinations that you could try to accelerate your weight loss process. When it comes to slimming down, two (or more) foods can be better than one. That’s because each has different nutrients that work together. As a team, they can help you reduce hunger, stay full longer, and burn fat or calories better than they would solo.

So, we list down 11 power food combos to speed up weight loss:

1. Apple and Peanut Butter:

We don’t know how true it is that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ but what we know is apples when eaten together with Peanut Butter can surely keep the fat away. This is a great snack option that is extremely filling. This can satisfy your sweet tooth too. In this combination, you get less than 200 calories combining a medium-sized apple and one tablespoon of peanut butter (without added sugar or salt). Peanut butter supply a good dose of healthy fats, protein and apple, on the other hand, is a powerhouse of nutrients, containing antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A, C, potassium, and even iron.

2. Green Tea and Lemon:

If you enjoy sipping a cup of green tea you may be enjoying some health benefits too. This can also be considered as a detox drink that should ideally be consumed as the first thing in the morning to make our body alkaline. Green tea has a high amount of antioxidants as well as enzymes, amino acids, and phytochemicals like polyphenols in it. Lemons are high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that improves your immune system reduces inflammation and may help stave off common colds. Other compounds like folic acid, vitamin B, and the minerals in lemons give your skin and hair a healthy boost. Hydrating and energizing, lemons can give you a natural kick to start your day. Consuming it will make you feel fresh and light. In the process, green tea helps to flush out toxins out of your body and aids in weight loss as well, but you cannot simply just get up and have green tea at random hours of the day and expect it to work. If you want to reap all the benefits, you need to consume green tea at the right time. When you consume lemon with green tea, it brings out the antioxidants in the tea, making it bioavailable for the body to absorb. This combination will boost metabolism and help burn fat.

3. Corns and beans:

Corn And Beans - Food Combo for weight loss - Dmidas touch

One of the healthiest combinations to lose weight is the combination of beans and corn. Corns are rich in a different type of carb, also slow down your digestion. Slow digestion means you will eat your next meal late and small. Beans are rich in fiber and this makes you fuller for longer and stops you from bingeing. Sprinkle pepper on this combination to give your metabolism a boost.

4. Spinach with Apple & Ginger:

You can lose lots of weight with spinach and that’s because spinach has only 18 calories, which is negligible. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. You can make this green smoothie along with apple and ginger to kickstart your metabolism and lose weight effectively. So, go green and get lean!

5. Yogurt and cinnamon:

Yogurt is surely recommended to people who want to lose weight. But you can make that bowl of yogurt more effective by adding the right thing to it. But what is that right thing? Cinnamon, it is. Cinnamon helps to decrease the amount of stored fat in your body. Cinnamon is also rich in antioxidants, which prevent free radical damage and premature aging.

6. Dark chocolate with berries and walnuts:

Yes, you can eat chocolate and still lose weight, but it has to be dark chocolate! Dark chocolate helps to control appetite. Chocolate with at least 70% cacao is full of anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Cacao also has flavanols in it which prevents you from gaining weight, says a study published in Journal BMJ. To double the antioxidants, you can add berries to the dark chocolate. Almonds can boost weight loss to a major degree by boosting up metabolism and providing a big amount of vitamins and nutrients.

7. Oatmeal with Blueberries & Cinnamon:

Oatmeal with berries is a great combination for people who have a sweet tooth and want to lose weight. Oatmeal is a very healthy (plain and not flavored) option for breakfast. It controls a person’s hunger as it is rich in fiber. The chemicals in berries promote weight loss and prevent the formation of fats in the body. Sprinkle on some cinnamon for a filling breakfast that will melt away the pounds.

8. Water + Cucumber + Lemon :

One of the easiest ways to boost weight loss is to play with food combinations via delicious detox water. All-natural ingredients make you drink more of this flat-belly fluid. Try adding in slices of cucumber, which are high in vitamins C and K. Squeeze in some lemon for an appetite suppressant, and those slimming polyphenols.