Easy, Healthy eating tips during the coronavirus disease outbreak

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We are stuck in a unique time in history, coronavirus (COVID-19) disease has put the whole world in a lock-down. So staying healthy has become very important.

A lockdown was also extended to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. To safeguard yourself from getting infected with COVID-19, I am here to help you to maintain good kitchen hygiene and also strengthen your immune system.

Easy, Healthy eating tips during the corona virus disease - D Midas Touch - Lifestyle blogger

Kitchen Hygiene Tips You Should Practice in the outbreak of coronavirus:

• Cook at home:

Try to prepared food at home. If it's not possible to cook something interesting every day, cook rice and sauteed veggies. Even a bowl of fresh fruits and yogurt will be a good option.

• Handwash:

Wash your hands properly before preparing or touching any food at home.

• Keep your kitchen clean:

Remember always keep your kitchen shelves and cupboards clean. Make free space to get rid of unused and unwanted items.

• Clean the countertops:

Cleaning the slabs of the kitchen and the cooktop should be done daily. Do it with warm water, salt, and lemon to do away with any kind of germs that may develop on traces of food particles left behind.’

• Cook your food properly:

It is very important to ensure that your food is cooked properly. If it is uncooked then the harmful germs could lead to food poisoning. Cover the food container with the lid while cooking to avoid the loss of essential vitamins from the food.

• Good personal hygiene

Food hygiene starts with good personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is often the cause of many food poisoning cases, however, it tends to be de-prioritized when it comes to food safety. Observing and monitoring your personal hygiene is crucial in preventing food contamination. The kitchen apron should be immediately opened and washed in warm water with a good detergent.

• Avoid cross-contamination:

Avoid the same boards for cutting fish, vegetables, and bread. Never put edible food next to raw meat.

• Bin basics:

Old foods in the bin have so many bacteria in it and that is harmful to us. To avoid that, empty the bin on a daily basis.

• Keep your fridge and sink clean:

Our fridge has so many foods that are to be stored it should be cleaned from time - to - time to avoid any future infection. Also, Scrub your sink from time to time to get rid of pooled water or spillages around the sink and kitchen towels.

So this is some basic tips to help eliminate the virus

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