6 Essential Monsoon Hair Care Tips For You!

Hello Girls!

After the long hot summer, arrives at the monsoon. The season refreshes us, makes us feel alive, and brings relief from the scorching heat of the summer season. But, this is also the season in which your body needs extra care. Due to the increase in humidity levels in the air, any rainwater left on your scalp can make it itchy and may even lead to dandruff, bacterial or fungal infections. In short, Monsoon hair care is essential!

So, follow the below-mentioned tips that I personally use to keep your hair problems to a minimum this monsoon.

1. Keep Your Hair Dry.

One of the useful and genuine hair care tips is to keep your scalp dry during the monsoon. Remember that rainwater is dirty and acidic. It has a pH of about 5.6 which is not good for your hair. Use a soft microfiber towel that absorbs water speedily and lowers friction between the hair and the towel, also reduces hair fall.

2. A Coconut Oil massage

A good old hair oil massage is the best hair care in the monsoon season. It naturally boosts the moisture in your hair which restores dry strands. It offers deep conditioning. Avoid applying too much though else you’ll find yourself over-shampooing just to get it away, which will damage your hair.

3. Shampoo at least twice a week

Hair will get frizzy if you have undernourished hair, using a good shampoo goes a long way to nourishes your curls and prevents fungal or bacterial infections during the monsoon. Always shampoo from root to tip. Use a delicate yet deep cleansing shampoo to remove any debris on your scalp left behind by rainwater.

4. Eat right

Diet plays an important role in keeping your hair healthy. What you eat decides the quality of your hair. Strengthen your hair follicles by eating foods that are rich in protein like eggs, walnuts, dairy products, and whole grains along with green vegetables to your regular diet as they provide shine to your hair.

5. Pick a Right Comb

First of all, Don't comb your wet hair immediately as it is the weakest then. The best option during the rains is a wide-tooth comb, so it can easily detangle your hair and serves as a good conditioning comb. Also, avoid sharing your comb with anyone to prevent fungal infections.

6. Don’t Tie

Tying up your hair in the monsoon invites rainwater to stay in your hair for long periods, which makes it turn frizzy, so avoid tying it. If you still need to tie your hair then stick to loose ponytails and buns only.

So these are some hair care tips that can be used during monsoons to keep your hair healthy, safe, and glossy even in these rains. With proper hair care, you can enjoy the rain even when they are wet.

Happy Monsoon!

Tasmiya Shaikh 💗