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It’s no secret being an influencer, has never been everyone’s cup of tea  and for that reason you would find our services  helpful we make new and unique contents that keep you way ahead of your competetion when it comes to influence marketing



What we have in store for you? Well we are the boulevard that will help you inspire your followers all the while you earn and getting access to the additional perks from the brands. We keep our page updated with the latest trends and fashion so join us now!

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  • Mini Influencer

Mini influencers are social media influencers with a regular job and lifestyle who have around 500 to 2k followers. Although little in number they have a authentic and trustworthy follower base.

Their followers usually comprise of friends, family members, coworkers, acquaintance, etc. which is why they can at once instill trust and authenticity among them.

Nano influencers have a distinct share of authentic voice, compelling content, and higher engagement with their followers which can have a significant influence on their audience, making them a good fit for large enterprises to collaborate with Nano influencers.

  • Emerging stars

Emerging Stars are the rising stars of social media having around 2k to 10k followers.

They are the Masters in discovering new ingenious ideas and attracting their humble circle of followers. Emerging stars grow their follower count with their consistency in content and sincerity to deliver unparalleled content to their audience.

The goal of an every Emerging star is to increase their reach by work with brands and ferociously grow their reach to other social media networks.

  • Veteran  Influencers

Veteran Influencers are those individuals having around 10k or more followers on any one of the social media networks. Veteran Influencers are quite skilled, they can be a food blogger, lifestyle blogger, a fashionista or simply a photographer. They are all sophisticated specialists in their specific niche and charm a particular kind of audience.

With Veteran Influencers. it’s never about the numbers, it’s about delivering originative, unparalleled, and high-quality content, having them on board can help the brands in accomplish their influencer marketing goals.

  • Macro Influencer

Macro-influencers are the people with a following of over 100k on any one of the social media networks.

They are thoughtful influential person and are recognized beyond the walls of social media. Macro influences are known for encourage products in a natural way.

They enjoy the welfare of having thousands of followers, giving them an edge to reach millions of people through their posts with a decent engagement rate.

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 Supported Platforms:


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YouTube : World’s most recognized video platform use this platform to leverage your reach to help brands reach their target audience and in return giving you special perks and benefits as well as cash for your services.